A Drawing for my Uncle Bill

Billy's Elephants

Color SketchMy Uncle Bill commissioned me to do a drawing for him.  My Aunt Mary, may she rest in peace, used to collect elephants. Mostly sculptures as far as I can remember. He sent me a couple of her sculptures and asked me to do a drawing for him. I finished the sketch that I'm going to use for this drawing and decided I would start blogging on my drawing process beginning with the sketch. I haven't kept a sketchbook for years. Funny thing is I don't even sketch on paper anymore. I use Photoshop. I usually start sketching in layers of color like the image to the right. Then I convert it to black and white like the image above. I really like the perspective of this sketch. This drawing will definitely be a challenge. Lots of leaves and rocks and sand and pebbles and bark...........

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  • Doing great work. Take your time. Sometimes it fun to revert to your old school methods.

    Uncle Bill

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