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Seahorse Drawing

I think I'm actually starting a blog and this is my first blog or post or newsletter or whatever the hell you call it. Hopefully I can keep up with it. Probably won't be a lot of words. I'm not big on words. But I will have regular postings of my new drawings and announcements of any art festivals I might be in. I'm going to also start posting more of my drawings in progress from sketch to finished piece.

Seahorse WatercolorThis one took a while mostly because I've been working on my website but also a bit more detail than some of my other drawings. I tried to create a lot of contrast of light and dark and in texture. Seahorses are such interesting animals. I based this drawing on a watercolor I did a few years back. I'll be doing a couple color versions and adding them to the products on my site soon. Just gotta take my butt down to store and get it scanned. I saw this picture recently of a new sea slug that had an amazing combination of colors that I'm gonna try on the seahorse drawing. Should be pretty cool.


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  • You have such amazing talent. I’m glad you are making your art available to purchase. I can’t wait to receive your flamingo drawing. Thanks Tommy.

    Nancy Carswell

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