Art Descriptions

Four Fifths

Four Fifths – I love sugar skulls. My idea for this drawing also inspired my idea for this entire series of drawings. I wanted to draw a detailed sugar skull and decided I wanted a sort of sun burst background. So I added a kind of antiquee wallpaper pattern to a sunburst of melaleuca tree bark. Made perfect sense to me. This is also the first piece that I colorized. It was too much fun. My originals are all 16” x 20”. Drawing at this scale has really inspired me. As I worked on this piece I formed a list of ideas in m


The Luck Elephant The Luck ElephantA few years ago I made a sculpture of an elephant that I was trying to sell at Homegrown in Decatur, GA (A really cool local artist gallery and retail market). Well I made it with the trunk hanging straight down. It was then I learned that it’s considered lucky for an elephant to be depicted with its trunk in the air. That piece hung on that wall for months. So I decided to take it home and change the trunk. It sold just a couple of weeks after that. Lucky, huh? So of course my drawing of the luck elephant has it's trunk up. But I wanted to add a texture that would illustrate the treacherous of luck. The elephants skin was inspired a a type of sea coral and I added the fire to add a sense of luck smoldering under the surface almost unattainable.


Rampage – Errrg. Still haven’t come up with a good color version of this one but I’m sure I will soon. A charging rhinoceros is one of the coolest things in nature unless you’re on the receiving end of their horn. The intensity and veracity are mesmerizing.




Flamingo!Flamingo – I had this idea while I was working on my sugar skull drawing. A flamingo with a flamingo pattern background inspired by my friend Nancy’s intense love for flamingos!

The Earth BuilderThe Earth Builder (See the turtle of enormous girth…) – Patterns, patterns, patterns. Sea turtles are just about the coolest animals around. Expect more sea turtle drawings


R.I.P.R.I.P. – Not every death is explained. My idea for this piece was as much about drawing a bunch of pebbles and tree bark as it was about drawing a skeleton. I’ve always liked drawing skulls and skeletons but most of the time I’ve drawn them in art classes as studies or practice for other drawings. Well not anymore, I will definitely be adding more skull and skeleton drawings to this series of drawings.

Fractured – A seahorse is coming soon!