Four Fifths (wood print | blue and black on a green and black background)

Art by Tom Wrenn

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I love sugar skulls. My idea for this drawing also inspired my idea for this entire series of drawings and a new direction for my art. I wanted to draw a detailed sugar skull and decided I wanted a sort of sun burst background but I wanted it to have a pattern texture to it. So I added a kind of antique wallpaper pattern to a sunburst of melaleuca tree bark. Made perfect sense to me. This is also the first piece that I colorized. It was too much fun and helped me develop my process. My originals are all 16” x 20”. Drawing at this scale has really inspired me. As I worked on this piece I formed a list of ideas in my head and probably never get them all down on paper.

All wood prints are printed on birch finishing plywood and come ready to hang. Ships in 7-10 days and should arrive within 2-3 weeks.